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Hybrid Turbo and official Turbocharger products in Southampton, Hampshire and nationwide

We were established In December 2015, and as such we are a relatively new company. Having said that we have been in the Turbocharger business for a long time, well over 30 years.

We supply a large customer base from small independent garages to main dealers to private individuals. We offer to repair the original Turbo, or supply a remanufactured exchange unit, or we can supply a new replacement. In general, Turbocharger companies only supply complete Turbos: we offer our customers parts, including electronic actuators, centre assemblies, & gasket kits. We also offer a VNT cleaning service where the nozzle area alone is cleaned and serviced without disassembling the whole Turbo.

Now we have joined forces with two other local businesses to offer a full and complete Turbocharger service to our customers. We offer a Hydro-Octane engine carbon cleaning service. This will fix any VNT related problems and return the car to its full factory performance without removing the Turbocharger. This saves several hours of labour.

We also work with Quantum Tuning, and have a full ECU remapping service. This means for high mileage drivers we can offer a service that can drastically improve vehicle MPG, and for the customers aiming for high performance we can combine our Hybrid performance Turbo range with the necessary remapping all in-house

What can we do for you?

Consider Turbo Performance Ltd your one-stop shop for all things Turbo. Of course we’re happy to sell you new and remanufactured units from the wide range of manufacturers whose products we provide. We are also experts in Turbo cleaning, reconditioning, replacement, and repair, so there really is no need to look any further.

Turbo Reconditioning

One of the ways we pass savings on to our customers is by reconditioning previously used Turbochargers, bringing them up to the same standards they would have displayed when they first left the factory.

Turbo Repairs

At Turbo Performance Ltd we have the parts, the tools, and the expertise to run most repairs that your Turbocharger might require. Furthermore, with our years of experience as engineers and mechanics, you can rest easy knowing your engine is in safe hands.

Turbo Specialists

As the premier Turbo specialists for the city of Southampton, all of our staff are experienced in the field and know their subject inside and out. Anyone you speak to here will be able to answer any queries you have about Turbochargers.

Hybrid Turbo

A hybrid Turbo is any Turbocharger that has been amended, adjusted, or built-up with components from other Turbo units. The permutations are endless but, with our experience and skill, we can offer you advice and assistance in producing the hybrid Turbo you’ve been looking for.

Additional Services

We have recently joined up with other local businesses so that, between us, we are able to offer our Southampton clients as complete a Turbocharger service as possible.


Thanks to our partnership with Quantum Tuning, we are able to offer you an entire ECU remapping service. This solution will significantly improve your vehicle’s MPG, making it a popular choice among drivers who rack up high mileage levels. Combining this service with our hybrid Turbo solutions, you can come up with a bespoke Turbocharger product that offers the highest possible performance from your vehicle.


We offer a complete, Hydro-Octane engine carbon cleansing solution, able to correct any VNT-related issues, and give your engine a whole new lease of life.

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