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Borgwarner Turbo Systems is one of the world’s leading producers of innovative Turbocharger systems, partnering with many areas of the automotive industry across the globe. Specialising in gas Turbochargers for an engine output range of between 20kW and 1000kW per exhaust, the company is constantly creating new Turbo products for a host of different markets, including commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

With a history stretching back some 65 years, BorgWarner has been at the forefront of Turbo development for generations and continues to innovate in the market to this day.

Though they have an impressive and extensive range of Turbo products, the two jewels in the BorgWarner crown are its EFR Series and its Airwerks series


EFR Series Turbochargers

Standing for “Engineered For Racing”, BorgWarner’s EFR series is just that. They took as their inspiration the simple question: what would I want my Turbocharger to do in my high-performance vehicle? From here, their Advanced Aftermarket Product team compiled a list of each and every design characteristic that they considered notable. Using materials that no one had thought to combine into a Turbocharger, they came up with a model that promised a rapid boost response, reliable durability and, above all, powerful performance.

Airwerks Turbochargers

BorgWarner’s Airwerks series of Turbochargers are specifically designed with competition in mind, particularly in the world of motorsports. With a well-deserved reputation for the brute force that they generate, Airwerk’s Turbos have proven hugely popular in pulling, road racing, and drag racing. While lacking the intricacies and the finesse of their sister EFR series, the Airwerks range promises punch, right where you need it.

Your local BorgWarner Turbocharger trader

At Turbo Performance Ltd, we have a full range of BorgWarner Turbocharger products available to buy through our online store for mail order delivery. Or, if you prefer, simply pop into our shop in Southampton and take a look for yourself. As the city’s foremost Turbo specialists, you can rely on us for quality, impartial advice when it comes to choosing a BorgWarner.

Experience and Expertise

We have over 50 years of continuous experience in the Turbo industry. All of our team are well-informed and highly-trained experts, so you can be sure that whoever you speak to from our staff when making that first call, it will be someone who knows their subject, and who will be able to answer any of your questions about the BorgWarner products that we stock.

After Sale Care

Our commitment to customer satisfaction does not end once their BorgWarner Turbocharger has been packaged and dispatched. With years of experience in both Turbo repairs and Turbo reconditioning, our team of experts have an extensive knowledge of all BorgWarner products, including both the EFR series and the Airwerks series. Whatever issues you may encounter down the road, we will be able to give you the necessary advice and assistance.

Other Turbocharger Services

We are experienced in Turbo Reconditioning and Hybrid Turbo’s in Southampton and the UK, we are Turbo repair specialists and supply parts and accessories for all Turbocharger brands.

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