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Across the UK and Europe

For that last ten years, Turbo Performance Ltd has been establishing itself as the place to go for anybody looking for hybrid turbo in UK. Already well-recognised as the foremost provider of hybrid turbochargers in the South, we are now a truly nationwide company with domestic and commercial customers across the UK relying on us to customise their own hybrid turbochargers from scratch.

What is a hybrid turbocharger?

There’s nothing really new about hybrid turbo in UK. Indeed, hybrid turbochargers have been utilised by motoring enthusiasts for decades, hoping to get the absolute peak performance out of their vehicles. In essence, the difference between a regular turbo and a hybrid turbocharger is the difference between buying a suit off the peg and getting one hand tailored. It might be more expensive, it might take a little longer to get your hands on it, but the final result is everything you could possibly have hoped for.

Choosing your Turbocharger

Hybrid turbochargers, unlike a bespoke performance turbo, are based on the stock installation, but with suitable upgrade components to maximise the performance possible, within the factory installation parameters. As such, we at Turbo performance Ltd can use our 50+ years of knowledge and experience to get the best results and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Making the Adjustments

With the hybrid turbo complete, you now have a much more effective air pump, and with your engine able to consume more air than it did before its time to add more fuel. Any performance gain from your new hybrid turbocharger is going to rely on maximising fuel delivery. To achieve this, we recommend getting your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) professionally remapped by a reliable local company. Our team will be happy to recommend one to you upon request.

Why choose Turbo Performance Ltd for your hybrid turbo in UK?

There are a wide range of reasons for choosing us when searching for a high-quality hybrid turbo in UK. The service provided by our team of dedicated and professional hybrid turbo specialists is second to none. The hybrid turbochargers that we make in our Ringwood shop are bespoke creations that cannot be matched elsewhere in the country for their quality. The real question should not be why choose Turbo Performance Ltd but, rather: why not?

Get in touch

For the very best hybrid turbo in UK, call Turbo Performance Ltd. A member of our team will be happy to arrange a consultation to determine your specific hybrid turbocharger requirements.

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