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Professional hybrid turbocharger services across Southampton

For that last four years, Turbo Performance Ltd has been establishing itself as the place to go for anybody looking for hybrid turbo in UK. Already well-recognised as the foremost provider of hybrid turbochargers in Southampton, our area of operations has expanded beyond the city itself and the wider region of Hampshire. We are now a truly nationwide company with domestic and commercial customers across the UK relying on us to customise their own hybrid turbochargers from scratch.

What is a hybrid turbocharger?

There’s nothing really new about hybrid turbo in UK. Indeed, hybrid turbochargers have been utilised by motoring enthusiasts for decades, hoping to get the absolute peak performance out of their vehicles. In essence, the difference between a regular turbo and a hybrid turbocharger is the difference between buying a suit off the peg and getting one hand tailored. It might be more expensive, it might take a little longer to get your hands on it, but the final result is everything you could possibly have hoped for.

Inspecting the Engine

Installing a hybrid turbo in UK is not a task to be taken lightly. It’s not just a case of taking one out of the box and slipping it onto the engine. Frankly, if it were, everyone would be driving a lot more efficiently, and we’d be out of a job! First you have to bring your car in for inspection in order for a qualified and experienced hybrid turbo specialist to take a look at the engine. Since a turbocharger directly affects the moving parts of the engine in question, to get the best effects we have to take certain calculations and measurements to make sure that the changes we make when hybridising the turbo will end up having the desired effect.

Choosing your Turbocharger

When crafting a hybrid turbocharger, it is not something we can build from the ground up. It all starts by choosing an existing model that is closest to the effects we hope to produce on your engine. Fortunately, here at Turbo Performance Ltd we use only the very best turbo brands when creating our hybrid turbos in UK. Brands such as Garrett Advancing Motion, Owen Developments, and Borgwarner, each of which represents the pinnacle of technological achievement in the turbocharger industry. Our turbo specialists will find the perfect model for your car’s engine from our extensive stock, guaranteeing you a solid foundation for the hybrid work that is to follow. 

Making the Adjustments

With the engine examined and the base turbocharger selected, it is down to our turbocharger specialists to make the physical adjustments required for your car to deliver peak performance. Each of our mechanics brings years of relevant, on-the-job experience to their role, ensuring a professional and impeccable solution to every hybrid turbocharger they create. This can involve tinkering with the turbo alone, or making small modifications to the engine itself. Whatever the process, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands when you bring it to Turbo Performance Ltd.

Why choose Turbo Performance Ltd for your hybrid turbo in UK?

There are a wide range of reasons for choosing us when searching for a high-quality hybrid turbo in UK. The service provided by our team of dedicated and professional hybrid turbo specialists is second to none. The hybrid turbochargers that we make in our Southampton shop are bespoke creations that cannot be matched elsewhere in the country for their quality. The real question should not be why choose Turbo Performance Ltd but, rather: why not?

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For the very best hybrid turbo in UK, call Turbo Performance Ltd. A member of our team will be happy to arrange a consultation to determine your specific hybrid turbocharger requirements.

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