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Since we opened the doors of our turbocharger centre in 2015, we have rapidly earned ourselves a well-deserved reputation as the foremost provider of turbo repairs and turbo reconditioning across Southampton and the greater Hampshire area. It’s a reputation built on two solid foundations. First, there is our team of dedicated and professional turbo repairs specialists, who bring more than fifty years of combined experience in the industry to every turbo repair job they are instructed to take on. Second, there is our ever-growing list of satisfied current and former clients who have helped to spread the word about the excellent service they have received at Turbo Performance Ltd, by making recommendations to their friends, families, and co-workers. We do not take these endorsements lightly. Whatever turbo repairs or turbo reconditioning jobs come through our Ringwood shop, we endeavour to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients.
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Common turbocharger repairs

There are several reasons that a turbocharger can fail, and it’s not always that simple to identify a fault with your turbo. Here are some of the most common turbocharger problems that our turbo repairs team encounter on a daily basis.

Lubrication and Oil Problems

If you want your turbocharger to keep in peak condition, then you need to ensure that its moving parts are kept well lubricated with a good quality oil. Over time, various contaminants and carbon deposits can build up on the inside of the turbo, resulting in abrasive damage as they rub against the device’s inner workings. If you fail to treat this issue, it will not only cause problems with efficiency, but will ultimately resulting irreparable damage to your turbocharger. If your turbo is failing to operate at full capacity, it could well be that you have insufficient oil levels to fully lubricate all of its necessary parts. While topping up the oil make alleviate the symptoms, it’s worth bringing it in to ensure that no damage has been done to the unit, and whether any turbo repairs need to take place.

Foreign Objects

Turbochargers are susceptible to foreign objects getting into their works. They tend to enter via the turbine inlet or the compressor inlet and can be devastating in the damage they cause should they reach any moving parts. This can be any sort of debris – particles of dust, a broken engine parts, small stones, or even loose leaves. Removing the air filter regularly and examining the inlet is the best way to avoid turbo repairs.

Blocked Diesel Particulate Filter

If your diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is blocked, it causes a host of problems, any one of which can result in your turbocharger failing. This includes an increase in exhaust gas temperature, an excessive build-up of carbon, and a dangerous increase in back pressure. While regular filter and oil changes can help prevent blockages, once it happens, turbo repairs are likely to be necessary.

Turbo Reconditioning

Any of the problems listed above can result in essential turbo repairs, all of which we can handle here at Turbo Performance Ltd. Like any mechanical fault, it is essential that you come to us as early as possible, while we are still able to remedy the situation without any further damage accruing. If left unexamined any of the faults we mention here can result in serious damage to the turbocharger that even our team of experts cannot fix. In these situations a full turbo reconditioning is in order, where we essentially strip your turbocharger right down, clean everything out, replace any broken parts, and reassemble. The result is a product that will work just as well as your original device, though the turbo reconditioning process is, by its very nature, longer and more expensive than a simple turbo repair would have been.

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