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Turbo specialist and Turbocharger parts and accessories

Aside from offering an extensive range of brand new and reconditioned Turbochargers, Turbo Performance Ltd also keeps a wide array of parts and accessories in stock at our Southampton shop.

We are practically unique in this. Generally speaking, Turbo companies are looking to sell whole units, and rarely have individual parts on sale to individual consumers. Here, we take customer service seriously and ensure that we have all the parts you could need, whether it’s for repair or modification.


What can we offer you?

It’s a good idea to call us first at our Southampton shop so that we can confirm whether or not we have the specific part in stock before you potentially waste a journey coming to see us. No matter who you speak to on the phone, you will be talking to an expert in Turbochargers and their constituent parts, so you’ll know that we understand what we’re talking about.

Turbo Repairs

If you’ve already isolated the fault with your Turbo and know the part you need to fix it, give us a call and let us hunt it down for you, whether it’s already in the shop, or through one of our industry contracts.

Hybrid Turbos

Perhaps you’re not looking to make repairs at all, but rather are hoping to construct a new hybrid Turbo with the parts from two or more manufacturer’s models. If this is your ultimate goal, then you’re in luck, as not only will we be able to find the parts you need, but we’ll be able to offer you the benefit of our long years of experience in the trade to help you in your selection, and even the construction of your new unit.

Your local Turbo parts trader

At Turbo Performance Ltd, we have a whole range of parts available from all the major Turbocharger manufacturers. All our parts are available through mail order via our website, or by dropping into our Southampton shop. As the city’s Turbo specialists, you are sure to get the best advice and the best deal when buying from us.

Experience and Expertise

Between us, we have half a century of experience in the Turbocharger game, and all of our team are informed and conversant on the subject. Whoever you speak to among our staff, they will have an extensive knowledge of Turbos, and be ready to answer any questions that may crop up in the conversation.

A Fair Price

We are confident that no other Turbo shop in the area provides the same depth of knowledge with the same range of parts and accessories. We always strive to give our customers the highest-quality parts for the best possible price.

Other Turbocharger Services

We have decades of experience in Turbochargers. As well helping with Turbo Reconditioning and Hybrid Turbo’s in Southampton and across the UK, we are Turbo repair experts and supply parts and accessories for all Turbocharger brands.

Get in touch

So give our Southampton office a call and speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable Turbo staff. Whatever parts and accessories you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them with Turbo Performance Ltd.

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